Friday, February 5, 2010

Dust Motes and Dragonflies

I am a big fan of dragonflies.

The dragonfly represents change and, as a creature whose habitat is in or around water, the dragonfly symbolizes the subconscious "dreaming" mind and thoughts. It's a symbol of the subconscious rising to the surface. The imagery of the dragonfly conveys a message. It's is there to remind us that we must take a look at these rising subconscious thoughts and ideas, and examine how we can apply them to our lives in ways that affect positive change.

Dragonflies and autumn hues, in my mind, go together like caramel and apples or tea and honey. So it was no wonder when I saw this piece made by Elizabeth over at Paperbella on Etsy that's featured in my post today, that I instantly fell in love with it. So simple and yet so intricate... and absolutely beautiful, it reminds me in a very basic and elemental way of the dragonfly's meaning in our lives.

Elizabeth's Paperbella shop is filled with a variety of beautiful and symbolic mobiles. She has butterflies and lotus blossoms, sea creatures, swans and much more! Some are in earthy, muted colors while others are filled with a colorful vibrancy that's both eye-catching and beautiful.

Whether you're looking for seasonal, nature themed, abstract, animals, botanicals or gifts for girls, boys or baby's rooms, you're sure to find a selection to make you smile in this wonderful shop.

And, as a special gift for our readers, Elizabeth is also offering you all a discount for our readers! Just use the promo code "meandering musings" in your buyers notes, and she's offered to knock 25% off your purchase price. Yep, ¼th the price knocked off, just for mentioning our blog! It's a terrific deal, so be sure you don't miss out on it!



Bethany Dirksen said...

I looked around her shop and they are beautiful! What a great way to bring some life into a dull room :)

Kristopher K said...

I adore dragonflies too :)

Pattie said...

Dragon flies are so whimsical :)

Gallery32 said...

I have always adored dragonflies. Lovely post :D

Il Mare Atelier said...

Hi, here is to let you know you have received a lovely blog award from me. See here for details: Il Mare Atelier's Blog

paperbella said...

Thank you for the lovely feature of my Dragonfly mobile. I wish you the best!

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