Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

Whether you're looking for period clothing and accessories, historical reenactment attire or contemporary garments for comfortable living, here's a handful of shops you'll want to take a browse through if you love shopping for clothing and would like something made just for you.

orsinimedici1951 - Thistle Cottage Studio's Millinery and More
orsinimedici1951 on Etsy
Elsie Collins from North Providence, Rhode Island

Hats and bags as well as hand-knit and crochet items that have a charming and romantic flair for the dramatic and a touch of elegance. Shop's stock includes period and historically inspired fashion, re-purposed collectibles, up-cycled/recycled jewelry and even the occasional Italian Renaissance mask.

Treehouse28 - Custom Clothing for Women, Girls and Boys
Treehouse28 on Etsy
Alix McCauley from Treehouse28 in California

Custom handcrafted clothing with a soft elegance and touch of femininity fills this shop. All pieces are designed from scratch incorporating the artist's passion for the elements of beauty, simplicity uniqueness and comfort. Each and every piece is hand made, cut and sewn from start to finish.

dleather - Debbie Leather's Custom Clothing and Accessories
dleather on Etsy
Debbie Leather from Mayer, Arizona

The artist behind this shop has been working with leather and creating custom designed leather garments and accessories for over 30 years. Debbie Leather can create just about any kind of custom garment design you can dream up, or she is happy to work with her customers on different designs.

Sandmaiden Sleepwear - Custom Sewn Sleepwear and Lingerie
sandmaidensleepwear on Etsy
Amanda Boyd from Seattle, Washington

And now for something a little intimate... Made to order sleepwear and lingerie for women of any size and shape, created by hand in organic cotton, natural fibers and custom sizing. Mix and match pieces in the shop to create your own sets and style or choose your colors to flatter your coloring.

Whether looking for outer wear or intimate bits, these shops are ready to take your orders or work with you to create something custom made just for you. Their beautiful and creative work is created to adorn and flatter and each shop has a passion for customer service and focus on their customer's satisfaction and happiness!

16 Remarkable Weekend Finds!

An Etsy Treasury curated by Gilliauna ~ The Sun Sets in the Forest.... Softly

Click on the picture below to be taken to a page where you can browse individual items you like that you see pictured here as well as the shops where these items were found and artisans behind them all!

The Sun Sets in the Forest.... SoftlyCredits go to: ashybash, BootsNGus, CBMLphoto, ClaretStreet , craftymcgee, curiousprints, deannabachart, eastwitching, ForStrangeWomen, foryoubymenet, frostcollections, Gilliauna, greenbaboondesigns, lesleysico, MadriganDesigns, Theoccupant and thePaintedSky.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feminine Handmade Jewelry and Hair Accessories - A Rare Post by Leal

Stumbling On Sainthood on EtsyMy sister is a girly-girl.

I'm talking about one of those ultra-femme women that love all things pretty, feminine and flowery.

Having a twin, it's sometimes hard to stand out and be distinct while growing up. Even when your twin is of the opposite sex, sometimes this can be hard to accomplish.

In the case of my sister and I, there was always a very clear distinction though because she was never the tomboy type but instead loved flowers and dresses, hair accessories, jewelry, shiny patent leather shoes and touches of ruffles and lace.

Recently, my sister has developed this enthusiasm for pretty, feminine things into her own little business. Following in my footsteps, she's created her own business called Stumbling On Sainthood on Etsy. This new project has given her an outlet of creativity where she can express the girly-girl buried deep inside her heart and share that love of pretty things with the world at large.

In Stumbling On Sainthood, Linette sells a variety of feminine accessories and jewelry all handmade with care.

The shop is filled with flowers and seashells and lots of feminine touches all decorated by my sister's exacting little fingers and detail-oriented eye.

Stumbling On Sainthood on EtsyBobby pins decorated with flowers and roses let women and girls wear flowers in their hair and sit beside flower rings and earrings as well as barrettes, headbands and more.

Many of the handmade jewelry and accessories in Stumbling On Sainthood are ideal not just for every day wear, but also in use for special occasions such as for bridal or bridesmaid's jewelry and accessories, flower girl accents, etc.

If you like feminine accessories and pretty jewelry, or if you know someone who's a girly-girl like my sister is, this is a shop you're not going to want to pass up visiting and browsing around in. You might find something you just can't do without or that gift you've been searching for to give to someone special.


If you like what you see in Linette's shop, you may also enjoy stopping by the Stumbling On Sainthood Facebook page to visit and say hi.

You can also find Stumbling on Sainthood on Artfire as well!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Wanna Win Wednesdays - Giveaway Linky 7/13 thru 7/19

I love giveaways and I really, really love winning free stuff. (Who doesn't?!?) It doesn't happen often but it always comes as a surprise when it does and brightens up my day.

Every Wednesday here on The Meandering Musings is "I Wanna Win" Wednesday! This is where you can come to find terrific giveaways to enter and win as well as share giveaways with others.

SO... Do you have a great giveaway going on this week or know someone who does? If so, spread the news and share!

In the Linky below, share your current giveaway or any great giveaways that you have discovered, or... explore (and enter to win) a few of the giveaways left by others.

After all, you can't win if you don't enter!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiki Oasis Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Msformaldehyde on EtsyWith lots of feathers and flowers as well as color galore, today's shop is filled with creative, innovative choices for special occasions or everyday wear. Msformaldehyde on Etsy has a wide variety of hair accessories and jewelry for wedding couture, burlesque and more including feather earrings, hair fasteners and themed accessories with everything from skulls and spiders to hearts and bows.

From San Diego, California, MsFormaldehyde creates a wide variety of handmade accessories you can't find anywhere else and loves to work on custom orders as well!

Feathers are a specialty, as you can see in her shop. But she also makes items that include carved skulls, sugar skulls, Gothic fashion themes, voodoo themes, glitter fashion, Lolita pin up fashion trends and and Dita burlesque accessories. The possibilities for these wonderful pieces of jewelry and other accessories are endless and if you love color and have a unique sense of style you won't want to miss stopping by to take a look around this shop.


If you like what you see in MsFormaldehyde's shop, you may also enjoy visiting the MsFormaldehyde blog or stopping by to say hi on Facebook!

[This blog post is a "BESTeam Feature" for the Boosting Etsy Shops Team. The BESTeam is dedicated to helping its members promote their shops and assisting each other in marketing, advertising and sharing the tips and tricks of running an online business. If you are a seller on Etsy and are interested in becoming a member of the BESTeam, the team is accepting new members and you can find more information about the team as well as apply to become a member HERE.]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

Today I'd love to share with you a handful of amazingly talented artisans that have yet to be discovered on Etsy!

Using the "Pounce" feature on Etsy that allows you to discover active artisans still striving for their first sale, I stumbled upon these four artisans that create beautiful (and often cuddly) art dolls that you'll love browsing through and possibly fall in love with just as I have!

Charming Bears ...creating one being at a time.

Mony Vesseur from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Adorable bears with cute little faces and lots of inspiration behind each doll that's created, this shop has a handful of charming bears looking for new homes and ready to soak in lots of love. The collection includes not just bears but mohair cats, hand-stitched sock monkeys and more!

mary187 - Marina's Passion for Dolls

Marina Yax from Gerrardstown, West Virginia

A shop filled with unique one-of-a-kind art dolls created by hand with attention to detail. Each doll is entirely handcrafted without the use of molds or patterns. The faces and hands are hand-painted and the costumes worn by the dolls are filled with extravagant details for a special touch and unique style.

Studio10359 - We make, paint, draw and build things.

Anna and her Two Sisters from Studio10359

The handpainted faces of fabric dolls with pretty dresses and lovely hair sit beside herds of fabric doll horses in this shop ran by three sisters with an over abundance of creativity and lots of personality. Offered among these beautiful dolls they also offer a handful of pretty fabric pounces as well!

Natalie Drest - Funky Handmade Doll Clothes

Natalie Drest from Canberra, Australia

What's the fun of having cute dolls to play with if you don't have pretty clothes to dress them up in? This shop is filled with lots of creative, colorful one-of-a-kind doll clothes designed using re-purposed fabrics combined with fresh and funky style. Merino and Alpaca wool, cotton, felt, lace and natural threads abound!

Each of the artists listed above has shops filled with creativity that abounds. Some are new, some are older and just need a little love. Be sure to stop by and take a browse if you see something you like and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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