Friday, November 18, 2011

Beautiful Personalized Decor for Little Ones

GypsyLaneDesigns on EtsySo many of my friends these days are expecting and are looking for classic but baby-safe gifts and decor for expectant mothers as well as the parents of babies and toddlers that I anted to take a minute to introduce this wonderful shop today.

GypsyLaneDesigns on Etsy is a beautiful little shop filled with options for personalized decor for baby and toddler rooms.

Hand painted baby blocks for book ends, photo props and decor options are scatted through their shop among other wonderful gifts such as picture frames, growth charts, hand painted wooden letters, drawer knobs, alphabet prints, name paintings, step stools and more. All handmade, of course. And many of their products have a custom aspect to them which easily can make whatever you choose into something original and extra special.


If you like what you see in Gypsy Lane Designs' Etsy shop, you may also enjoy visiting the Gypsy Lane Design blog or stopping by to say hi to the artist on Facebook to earn 10% off your order!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Three-for-One Thursday Theme

I've written about my love for journals and my belief in their importance for people's lives as well as for those of future generations before in a past blog post . I think that they're important and I think that they can have a great deal of use and significance in someone's life depending on how they are used.

Even if you've never thought of writing a book, a journal is a terrific way to explore your creativity and you'll be surprised how fast it fills up once you get started. I've filled up many over my lifetime with everything from rambling thoughts to short stories, poetry, lists and more.

Today I'd like to introduce you to three journals that have caught my eye and the sellers shops who carry them and a wide variety of other beautiful journals as well.

Small Leather Sketchbook by BaghyBaghy on Etsy is filled with beautiful journals handcrafted and bound in leather to delight the eyes and senses. I'm particularly drawn to this one done in green with it's beautifully hand-painted ivy leaves and buckle closure.

All the journals have unique, earthy designs that draw the eye and, in my experience, calm the soul as well as inspire one to open them every day and add a little more to their contents.

Small Leather Sketchbook by Baghy - $46.00 USD

Heaven Sent Crafts on Etsy is filled with recycled journals and notebooks made from items such as board game boards, coasters, floppy disks and more.

I own the notebook pictured here in this feature that's made with coasters and can personally vouch for the quality of workmanship offered in this shop. I love my little notebook and it's fun design and originality get compliments wherever I go.

Recycled Journal Notebook by HeavenSentCrafts - $5.00 USD
Recycled Journal Notebook by HeavenSentCrafts

'BRUSH' Leather Notebook/JournalUnique and carefully handmade, each of the journals and notebooks found in Kreativlink on Etsy have an aesthetic appeal that draws you in.

Original artwork decorates the covers of these handmade leather and fabric journals, many of which are made with hand torn pages for an authentic, handcrafted appeal. Some are earthy, others are mystic or just have an artisan appeal such as the one I like that's pictured here titled "BRUSH".

'BRUSH' Leather Notebook/Journal by Kreativlink - $49.00 USD

Whether you're a writer, a list maker, an artist that needs a place to sketch your ideas or you just have a love for journals in general, there's plenty of beautiful handmade options to choose from like those introduced here in this post and lots more that you can find on the handmade marketplace.

Be sure to stop by places like Etsy and Artfire to explore these venues for what they have to offer!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Wanna Win Wednesdays - Giveaway Linky 11/16 thru 11/22

I love giveaways and I really, really love winning free stuff. (Who doesn't?!?) It doesn't happen often but it always comes as a surprise when it does and brightens up my day.

Every Wednesday here on The Meandering Musings is "I Wanna Win" Wednesday! This is where you can come to find terrific giveaways to enter and win as well as share giveaways with others.

SO... Do you have a great giveaway going on this week or know someone who does? If so, spread the news and share!

In the Linky below, share your current giveaway or any great giveaways that you have discovered, or... explore (and enter to win) a few of the giveaways left by others.

After all, you can't win if you don't enter!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unique Handmade Products for Interior Decoration

pushok1983 on EtsySo cool that resistance is futile.

I found this shop by accident while searching for something else and now I'm stuck wanting everything that they have to offer even though I don't have any room in my home for it all.

Steampunk, fantasy, acrylic paintings and more. Pushok1983 on Etsy has it all with a specialty towards acrylic paints and leather work with lots of detail.

I'm especially drawn to the very cool ceiling mobiles, hot air balloons and air ships like the one pictured in this post.

All of the pieces in the shop have details galore and lots of delicate parts, fascinating design and an attention to detail that shines through even in the pictures. Each piece is OOAK, entirely unique from start to finish as well as affordably priced, and the artist offers the option of custom ordering, as well.


If you like what you see in Pushok1983's shop, you may also enjoy visiting Pushok1983's website or stopping by to say hi to the artist on Facebook!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

Accessories are a part of life, especially in the fall and winter when you start dressing warmer and bundling up.

Today's Monday Mosaic is all about accessorizing from purses to hair accessories, scarves and more. Take a look at these four talented artisans that caught my eye in the handmade market place this weekend.

Betsy and Bess - Unique Upcycled Purses & Handmade Accessories
betsyandbess on Etsy
Elizabeth from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Looking out for the environment and the economy with eco-friendly products and up-cycled items, this shop is filled with wonderful warm accessories for winter weather along side beautiful totes, purses, wallets and bags galore. They are also offering some beautiful handcrafted Christmas Stockings for the holidays!

Bien Aime Beloved - DIY Flower Tutorials and Custom Made Blooms
bienaimebeloved on Etsy
Cara Hunter from Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you're looking for pretty blooms to buy and wear or some tutorials so that you can make them yourself, this shop has just what you're looking for with lots of DIY flower tutorials as well as ready-made blooms and an open policy for custom orders that will allow you to order just what you're looking for.

Peeko Apparel - OOAK Indie Made Clothing, Accessories and Jewellery
PeekoApparel on Etsy
Brook Fung from San Francisco, California

Cutting edge style and fashion all displayed in beautiful photos abound in this shop that carries everything from jewelry and scarves to headbands, turbans, bags, belts as well as clothing. The shop has a very urban feel and is filled with innovative accessories that are sure to be a hit.

Jordani Sarreal - Clutches, Coin Purses, Cosmetic Bags and More
JordaniSarreal on Etsy
Jordani Sarreal from Tacoma, Washington

Sewing since the age of five, you can be sure that the accessories you find in this shop are going to be of high quality and beautifully made. The pouches, clutches and more in this shop are created with beautiful, colorful prints and lots of style. Artist welcomes wholesale, consignment, and custom orders.

The handmade marketplace and the talented artisans you'll find there are a terrific alternative to commercial products and with the added bonus of personalized care and an attention to detail and quality that commercial products lack.

When shopping for accessories for this season or the next, don't forget to browse through artisan works and see what you can find, you'll be surprised at just how much creativity, originality and quality is out there!

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