Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleek, Sexy and Sophisticated Painted Silk Confections

My mother is one of those women who emits "lady" from every pore of her skin and every movement she makes. She's the kind of woman who walks into a bar and every man stops cursing, not because they have to but out of respect for the presence of a lady having entered the room.

And she dresses as a lady too. She wore heels until she medically couldn't any longer. She wears slacks and jackets, silky blouses and rhinestone brooches on her jacket lapels. She is always coiffed and always put together from head to toe, whether at home or in town or working in the garden. (She even stacks wood in slacks, hose and old, worn silk shirts.)

My mother would love today's shop. In fact, I have plans to Christmas shop there for her this coming holiday season. (Fortunately, she doesn't read this blog so she won't know it's coming either!)

Wild Ginger Silk is a shop that's filled with one-of-a-kind fiber art fashion by the very talented Sheila and I would like to share a bit from her profile here today to help introduce you to this wonderful and enthusiastic artist.

"I paint in watercolor and have been a hand-weaver for many years. For the past 3 years I have combined my love of fabric and my love of paint in my silk scarves and shawls. The first time I touched paintbrush to silk I was hooked. The way the paint flowed over the silk and the vibrant colors that you can create- wonderful! And then, when I saw my first customer try on the first shawl- I still remember the smile on her face! It's great to be able to share the result of something I love to do."

These hand-painted shawls, wraps, scarves, lace and fabrics are just gorgeous with brush strokes of fine French silk paints through luxurious silk making each piece a unique piece of art. There's even a beautiful Kimono as well as some beautiful brooches to browse through.

This is a shop you won't want to miss and is sure to catch the breath of more than a few ladies out there with the wonderful pieces offered there.


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kittyd said...

What a gorgeous shop! :)

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