Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earthy and Primitive Delights from Northern Lodge

Northern Lodge on EtsyToday's wonderful artisan was looking for someone to feature her shop and as soon as I stopped in to take a peek, I knew that her shop would be a terrific addition to this blog!

Not only does she have a gorgeous variety of work to offer, but this talented artisan is making knits as well! And in my opinion? One of the best things about Autumn's arrival is the fact I can start wearing knits again and cuddling up under soft afghans.

Northern Lodge on Etsy is not just filled with beautiful knits from scarves to hats, as well as afghans, throws, shawls and cowls, but there are also beautifully made wildlife accent pillows and tons of cabin-style primitives and antiques!

And that includes fresh Ponderosa pine cones too! (Do you have any idea how good fresh Ponderosa pinecones smell? If you don't, it's worth it to pick some up just for the experience alone.)

As a Biologist, the amazing artisan behind this shop feels that she has an obligation to create responsibly too! This is something that I personally think is extremely important as well. And, inspired by that belief, the artist behind Northern Lodge uses a variety of up-cycled and eco-friendly products in her creative process.

Northern Lodge on EtsyAs a nature lover, I've spent a lot of time in the wilds both camping and in log cabins in places like Montana, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

I've always loved my outdoors time and this shop fits right in with that theme of warm crackling fires, earthy delights and a soft, cozy warmth in the face of winter chill and the upcoming onslaught of snow much of the world is currently preparing for.

If you love primitive styles and warm cozy knits, be sure to stop in and take a look around Northern Lodge, you definitely won't be disappointed by what you find, I know I personally have fallen head over heels for so many of the pieces there... especially the scarves! So visit, enjoy and fall in love with something wonderful!


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