Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Finding Great Stuff On Etsy

Something a little different today! I was contacted the other day by a representative at and given a link that I would love to share with you.

If you don't know about, they're a wonderful site for anyone interested in home decorating and interior design as well as shopping for home furnishings, etc.

How to Quickly Find the Best Stuff on EtsyHow to Quickly Find the Best Stuff on EtsyStylishHome believes that shopping for home furnishings is a process of discovery. With their site, they strive to help people save time and money in the discovery process of shopping for their home furnishing by working to organize the "fragmented landscape" of home furnishing sources available to shoppers. These sources include high end designer goods, top retailers and brands, sales and discounts when available as well as hand made artisan goods.

Understanding that home decorating is a reflection of a person's individual personality and style, StylishHome's website is designed to be part shopping and part design guidance combined with a sense of community that strives to help others along.

StylishHome has presented on their blog a list of shortcuts, tips and tricks for shopping on Etsy to help sort through the hundreds of thousands of sellers and millions of handmade items that populate the Etsy site!

We love Etsy - and, it’s a platform for the artisan that I personally want to support. But finding something worthwhile often means looking for hours, and still maybe never coming across that one special item you would so like to own. Here’s a link to a list of shortcuts, tips, tricks, etc., that streamlines shopping, browsing and alerts like nothing else. The cream rises to the top!" - Quote from Mike Samsel at

Although not all of the artisans and artists that I feature are located on Etsy, a large portion of them are as, I have to admit, Etsy and Artfire are my two favorite places to shop and I always love discovering new things! A new and interesting way to shop on Etsy is just one more fun way to discover wonderful artisans and their creative works, so be sure to stop by and check out StylishHome's post on "How to Quickly Find the Best Stuff on Etsy.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing! :)

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