Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

Whether thrown on a wheel or molded by hand, in my experience wet clay is one of the most soothing ways to spend a day creating.

Today's mosaic celebrates artists who pour their love and creativity into this ancient craft to create timeless treasures.

NewMoonStudio - Handmade Functional and Decorative Porcelain Ceramics

NewMoonStudio from Rhode Island

A shop filled with beautiful handcrafted clay and porcelain designs from dishes to jewelry as well as magnets, vases and more. All items are handmade on the potter’s wheel or built by hand by the artisan. No molds are used in her work which results in every piece having its own individual characteristics.

RobertaPolfus - Roberta Polfus Porcelain

Roberta Polfus from Oak Park, Illinois

Carved and sometimes gestural pieces reminiscent of nature and created to fit and feel good in the hand. While these breathtaking artistic renditions are generally not representations of actual objects, they reflect the shapes, patterns, colors and surface textures of nature that Roberta Polfus is drawn to in everyday life.

WhiteEarthStudio - Modern Ceramics and Pottery Handmade in White Porcelain

White Earth Studio from Onalaska, Wisconsin

An independent studio potter, the artist behind White Earth Studio has exhibited as well as received awards for their work. No surprise too! With beautiful organic designs and more than thirty years of experience, each piece within this sculptor's shop is not just delicate and eye-catching but absolutely breathtaking.

TheRunnyBunny - Quirky Hybrid Creatures and More

Robin Van Valkenburgh from Asheville, North Carolina

Creepy and kinda weird, but definitely full of personality, I find this shop fascinating! Chubby cheeked cherub faces on little bird bodies sit among animal headed Victorian ladies and monkey headed deer in this shop where creativity and originality abounds and even takes a walk over into the creepy side a time or two.

I hope you enjoyed this tour through a few of the amazing artisans and artists on Etsy who carry on this beautiful and timeless art form.

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