Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

It's Bar-B-Que time!

I'm not a big fan of the heat of summer and I'm far to fair of skin to enjoy the sunshine's rays on my skin. But, there's one thing about summer that I absolutely love and that's the chance to use the grill outside to make delicious food!

Today's mosaic is all about food. Seasonings to be exact, with a collection of shops that sell herb rubs, seasonings, sauces and salsas that are sure to tempt your taste buds and make your grilling experience both fun and savory.

GustoSpice - Gusto Spice Barbeque Rubs

Lee Fleming from Atlanta, Georgia

Made-to-order spice kits, grilling rubs and chef-worthy gifts handmade and ready to use. This shop's selection includes artisan sea salts, state-to-state BBQ rubs, house-made dip and dressing bases and widely used seasonings, healthful tidbits, peppercorns, delicious poultry, pork and beef rubs as well as salt-free and veggie options. All are offered without preservatives and no-MSG and they also take special orders!

JamnSalsa - Sweet Mama's Jam-n' Salsa

Sweet Mama from Maineville, Ohio

Spice up your world with flavor with a combination of delicious salsa and salsa seasonings, gourmet dip mixes, BBQ and grilling rubs, hot pepper jellies and more all handmade and approved through the experience of a grandma that loves to cook. She also offers tortilla warmers and other fabric creations made by hand and designed in chili pepper themes.

cookoutsidethebox - Spice Kits, Tea Kits and More

Cook Outside the Box from Los Angeles, California

Spice kits, tea kits, make-a-meal kits, rubs for meat and seafood, magnetic spice sets and more. This shop offers a variety of cooking ideas and most of the kits offered come with recipe sheets included. All the required spices to complete these tried and true foolproof recipes are included in the kits as well, or, you can try your own recipes and ideas inspired by the herbs and spices supplied!

dellcovespices - Magnetic Spice Kits, Cocktails, BBQ Rubs and Popcorn

David and Patricia from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Los Angeles, California

Always fresh and fragrant, handmade and hand mixed. This shop has not just gourmet herbs and spices, spice kits and herbal rubs, they also carry a wide variety of popcorn and cocktail salts! Experimenting in the kitchen is always fun, and with the wide variety of spices and blends offered in this shop, you're free to let your creativity flow in your kitchen and on the grill.

I hope today's selection of shops was as mouthwatering and inspiring to you as it is to me! Have fun and savor your summer.... Spend more time grilling than cooking inside. You won't get another chance until summer rolls around again next year!


Judy said...

Wow, I've got some shopping to do. Great Read

Dell Cove Spice said...

Thanks so much for featuring us in this delicious blog!

Unknown said...

hi dear ur post is good
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