Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaic

Bath time!

With summer heat on the rise and lots of outdoor activities taking place, bath time has become an all time favorite activity in my house. After a hot and fun filled day, there's just nothing better than getting under the spray and scrubbing the dirt away.

Today's mosaic is all about bath time and all the wonderful goodies you use to get yourself clean.

Elysian Organics - Handmade Organic All-Natural Goodness for Your Family

Christine and Marty from South Bend, Indiana

A shop dedicated to offering a wide variety of superior boutique and spa quality handmade, organic soaps with an emphasis on being all-natural and healing. Vegan products are also included. These bath and beauty products are made with care to be safe and comfortable for use with the whole family and include not just soap but also body butters, face scrubs, wedding favors, etc.

Dirty Deeds Soaps - Handmade Soaps and Bath Accessories

Justin and Heather May from Lubbock, Texas

This shop is, hands down, one of my favorite bath shops on Etsy. Why? Because they have shaving sets. I LOVE men that choose to shave with razors instead of with electric and there's something intrinsically sexy about that lather of shaving cream that goes on the face to get things started. This shop offers all of that as well as custom soaps, groomsman gifts, bridal soaps, handmade soaps and more!

Natural Pet Products - Natural Pet Shampoos, Conditioners & Colognes

Katheryn Davis from North Carolina and Vermont

People aren't the only ones that need a bath in the summer. Our pets do too! Even cats can use a bath now and then. I give mine a bath in the summer to help her stay off and keep cool. Natural Pet Products offers a variety of products including complete bathing sets, medicated products, regular and tearless shampoos, de-matt and de-shed shampoos as well as conditioners and colognes.

Sabastien's Nook - Luxury Soaps & Botanicals Rubs

Sabastien's Nook from Middle Island, New York

With luxury soaps and ore, this shop is dedicated to bringing both relaxation and a spiritually uplifting experience to your bath and your senses with a variety of handcrafted products for baths, showers and long, luxurious soaks in the tub. In this shop you will find soaps, scrubs, fizzies and scrubs perfect for a wide variety of uses. They also offer custom made gift baskets on request!

I hope today's selection of shops gives you some wonderful ideas for your own home and perhaps for gift giving as well! It won't be too much longer now until the holidays are upon us. Time is speeding by fast! Bath products make terrific gifts that everyone can enjoy.

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