Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaic

Autumn is coming!

With it comes one of my favorite things about Autumn, which is Autumn weddings. With leaves full of color and the air turning cool and crisp, it's a beautiful time of year for weddings. With that in mind, though, comes the realization that there are gifts to give.

Here are a few idea for places to shop for something special.

zincsquare - Classic Lavender Sachets with a Modern Twist
zincsquare on Etsy
Melissa Morton from Beaverton, Oregon

This shop carries classic lavender sachets with a modern twist and decorative home accents made by hand. Trained as an Interior Designer, this artisan designs accents for your home from her wide collection of fabric scraps and love for lavender scents. These little sachets that will brighten any decor and bring the fragrance of Provence to any room.

byapryl - Tree Cake Toppers, Wedding Favors and Place Cards
byapryl on Etsy
Apryl Mott from New Orleans, Louisiana

Whether for cake toppers or a special gift the handcrafted wire tree sculptures in this shop are absolutely divine and are sure to be received well. The trees come in a number of shapes and sizes and are offered in a variety of gemstones, some even have little bride and grooms underneath! Alongside these beautiful trees are found gift tags, place cards and other necessities.

blackscrapcat - Personalized Custom Hangers
blackscrapcat on Etsy
Black Scrap Cat from Olds, Alberta, Canada

Whether for wedding photos or as a special gift, these unique hangers give a special, personal touch with a sturdy wooden a-frame shape and custom designed wire beneath with personalized message. The shop carries three different hanger styles from light wood or cherry to a sweet and pristine painted white and you can be guaranteed a unique gift with the wire working personalization!

rosekraft - Cottage Decor, Victorian Scrap, Gifts and Candles
rosekraft on Etsy
Rose Kraft from San Francisco, CaliforniaMaryland

Vintage Victorian home decor and gifts sit beside beautifully done authentic Victorian die cut paper pictures and scrapbook cards in this shop with a beautiful flair for the traditional with a modern twist. Candles are one of my favorite gifts to get and this shop carries some beautiful ones from little birds to tapers and more.

I hope you enjoyed today's collection of shops as much as I enjoyed finding them! The handmade marketplace is a terrific place to browse for gift ideas or supplies to make an Autumn or Winter wedding extra special!

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