Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Three-for-One Thursday Theme

Scarves and mittens, gloves, legwarmers, knitted slippers and socks. It's that time of year when we're starting to look for warm, cozy items to bundle up into to stay warm and, honestly... who wants to sacrifice fashion for warmth?

Fortunately, there's lots of options out there that will allow you to do both! Here are a few I stumbled across that caught my eye and made me take a second look.

Knitted Leg Warmers by knitwit4everGams or stems, whatever you call them, they need warmth too! Leg warmers are a terrific option for women who want to wear skirts and dresses in winter weather and need a bit of warmth to help keep their legs warm in te process. Knitwit4ever on Etsy has a variety of leg warmers as well as other warm and cozy knit items in a variety of colors and offers custom orders as well!

Knitted Leg Warmers by knitwit4ever - $30.00 USD

Soft and bulky circle scarves in beautiful knitted designs, unisex designs to find gifts for men as well as fingerless gloves, knit dresses and more can be found in mbgdesigns on Etsy. I was personally drawn to this beautifully knit cowl and it's elegant drape that's perfect for harsh winters to help keep you nice and cozy warm even in the coldest weather while staying stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Extra Thick Wool Cozy Cowl Circle Scarf - $70.00 USD
Extra Thick Wool Cozy Cowl Circle Scarf

Honeysuckle Pink and Grey Cowl/Neck WarmerSometimes you just need a bit of warmth instead of the whole shebang. A little something warm and soft to toss over your head and wear around the office or under a jacket for a touch of extra warmth. KnitNicoleKnit on Etsy sells a variety of neck warmers like this one that's perfect for milder days or a little warmth as well as a wide variety of other knits including jewelry.

Honeysuckle Pink and Grey Cowl/Neck Warmer - $35.00 USD

With colder weather on the rise, it's time to start bundling up against the nip in the air. Fall is a beautiful time of year but it's also the time of catching colds so be sure to stay warm! One of the ways you can do that is by stocking up on warm weather knits like those introduced here in this post and lots more that you can find on the handmade marketplace.

Be sure to stop by places like Etsy and Artfire to explore these venues for what they have to offer!

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