Friday, November 13, 2009

Eclectic Charm

After spending hours upon hours taking photographs of my own jewelry yesterday, I've again come to the conclusion that there are many, many more people out there with a great deal more talent at this than I have.

There's some amazing artists on Etsy and there's so much to see. I love browsing through people's shops and their treasuries too. It was on a treasury where I discovered ImpulsiveCreativity, actually.

First, the picture stood out. It almost popped out of the page at me. I loved the colors and the design of this oil and vinegar set and it drew me right into her shop where I found a -second- item that I also fell in love with.

Impulsive Creativity has a wide variety of items in her shop. She also does custom orders and all of her items are handmade in a clean, smoke free environment.

If you're looking for gifts for your loved ones, I'd definitely recommend a browse.



Sleipnir Designs said...

Photos can be such a pain. I'm still trying to figure how I can get a little more variety in mine. The walls in our house are that wonderful (sarcasm) wood paneling, mostly. Ew!!

Unknown said...

These are so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you means. Sometimes the awesomeness of others can be overwhelming. But I think we all have our own style and sense of creativity. :)

Kendra Zvonik said...

Your first line kind of hurt when I read it- so sorry you feel discouraged. While it is true that there is some amazing talent out there, photography is a skill that can be learned. Don't give up! I think you should ask people who you think do it well what pointers they could give you. That's what I do when I feel like I need to improve myself. Some people won't respond, but most people on Etsy are eager to help others. You are a part of the community!!
Also, just wanted you to know I appreciate you following my blog and that I grew up in Kitsap County. I now live in Florida and am very happy to be in the sun :)
Best Wishes,

Annette said...

Keep working on the photos! I'm working on mine too!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

There are so many amazing artists out there, so I completely understand your statement. That is a great oil and vinegar set! I will have to check out the shop now.

Patrizia said...

I like the colors as well!

Brousing through etsy, is probably the most inspiring thing ever.

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