Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaics

I'd love to introduce you to a new tradition here on the Meandering Musings.... Monday Morning Mosaics! Each Monday we're going to begin introducing our readers to a handful of creative people following a theme for the day.

Today's theme is Australian artists! Australia is a country that when I was growing up I imagined as a magical land filled with mystery and unique but crazy differences from weather to wildlife and more. They have unique animals and insects there that you can't find anywhere else in the entire world.

Roocci - Australian Art that Smiles!

Tanya Roocci from Sydney, Australia

This artist creates beautiful and cheerful artwork for children's rooms depicting lots of color and native creatures of Australia with wide eyes and tons of cuteness. From artwork prints to acrylic original paintings, there's lots to browse through that's sure to make you smile.

TairaVora - Colorful Photo Art from Australia

Taira Vora from Canberra, Australia

Gorgeous and colorful, Tiara Vora's photography is filled with nature's themes with an often remarkable geometric quality that have been mounted on wooden blocks for a unique display. The artist is attracted to patterns and colors in everyday ordinary objects and strives with her photography to give them a new look.

LeniKai - Leni Kae Designs, Australia

Leni Kai from Sydney, Australia

Contemporary artwork with graceful forms combined with bold color is what this artist's work entails. A trained color therapist, this artist combines her creative talents with semiotics and color psychology to produce vivid and beautiful pieces of art with powerful subconscious and sensual triggers.

ArtVineAustralia - Naturally Raw And Organic Art

Art Vine Australia from Melbourne, Australia

Art that lives and breathes and is a celebration of life and rejuvenation. The art in this artist's shop is inspired by the simple things in life that often go unnoticed. Raw and organic, it's created using all-natural fibers and pigments derived from Earth's soil and carbon minerals mixed together with plant tints and stains.

I know it's not morning anymore but I hope you enjoyed this tour through a few of Australia's amazing artists. If you like what you see or enjoyed this feature, please take a minute to let me know in comments!

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