Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaic

Today's Monday Mosaic is all about vintage!

I have a love for vintage and although this blog is primarily about handmade items, I sometimes like to include a bit of vintage finds for those that, like me, feel the artistry and quality of years past is a horrible thing to waste.

Wil Shepherd - Vintage Department Store

Wil Shepherd from Venice, California

With sections sorted by lifestyle and a directory for each page in their shop announcement, this vintage shop carries a wide variety of beautiful items from Farmland Chic to Queens Manor, Classic Vintage to Asian Persuasion and much more. Fascinating, quality items abound for you to browse through and enjoy in this beautifully organized shop with nearly 1000 items on display.

unExpectedParTie - Vintage Style

unExpectedParTie from Asheville, North Carolina

With a love of vintage, science, art, fashion and design and filling their lives with beautiful things, the owners of this shop have brought to Etsy a wonderful collection of treasures to browse through. Their photography is gorgeous (and thorough) making browsing through their shop a pleasure and the variety makes this shop a must-see for anyone who enjoys the discovery of vintage finds.

Carly Ann Swift - Swift Design and Vintage

Carly Ann Swift from Vancouver, BC, Canada

With a passion and deep appreciation for fine vintage pieces, Carly Ann Swift regularly hunts thrift stores, estate sales, car boot sales and the occasional garage sale to find the next great vintage treasure to share with the world in her beautiful Etsy shop. All pieces are beautifully photographed with an aesthetic eye. Also, in this shop, all prices are negotiable, the shop owner is always open to reasonable offers.

Maison Boheme - Housewares of Yore, Treasures of Yesteryear

Sarah from Dallas, Texas

A shop ran by a woman who loves beautiful vintage treasures and enjoys bringing them together from far and wide to share with the world in her shop on Etsy. Although the selection is small, the presentation is lovely. I personally have a fascination with vintage typewriters, which is what first drew me to her shop. You may also enjoy browsing through her sold items as well!

I hope you enjoyed today's collection of shops as much as I enjoyed finding them! Etsy is a great place for handmade, that's for sure... but it's also a wonderful place for vintage discoveries with a wide variety of shops specializing in just that theme alone!

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