Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaic

Knits for fall and winter!

We are in the middle of the second week of September. Can you believe it?! And although in my neck of the woods the temperatures are still soaring, Autumn is only 10 days away.

That means it's time to stock up on warmer clothes and snuggly layers to wear through the winter months, and that's what today's mosaic is all about!

Dahlia Soleil - Preserving the Art of Crochet
dahliasoleil on Etsy
Dahlia Soleil from New York, New York

Slouch hats and ear flaps, cute appliques and fingerless gloves. There's a variety of styles in this shop you won't want to miss! One of the easiest ways to keep warm when the weather gets cold is to slip on a hat to trap the warmth that escapes from the top of the head in and in this shop you'll find a variety of stylish hats to do just that. Tucked in among these gorgeous hats you'll find fingerless gloves, cute felt appliques and more.

knotworkshop - Funny Mugs, Personalized Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs
knotworkshop on Etsy
KnotWorkShop from Apex, North Carolina

Practicality and hilarity combine in this shop that I've personally shopped in and recommend to everyone! With excellent customer service and quality combined with a sense of humor, the knotworkshop sells mug covers, bottle covers, iPod cozies (I bought one for padding against drops and bumps!) and more with a flair for color and quirky fun.

Poops - Knit Sweaters, Baby Booties, Scarves, Mittens and More
Poops on Etsy
Poops from Belmont, New Hampshire

Here's a shop filled with handmade warmth from scarves and mittens to baby booties, affordable handmade sweaters, candle cozies, hats and more. Each item is handcrafted in a smoke-free, cat friendly home and are made in earthy colors and seasonal color combinations you'll be sure to love. Embroidered hoop art abounds as well and many of the knitted pieces have embroidered accents.

Melmaria - Designer Crochet Patterns
Melmaria on Ravelry
Melody Maria Fulone from

Last but not least! There are lots of wonderful people out there that like to create their own cozy items and here's an artisan that can help. Melmaria on Ravelry has a variety of crochet patters for those creative people looking to design something new from jewelry to scarves, gloves and more. All patterns come in pdf files and you can pick them up from Ravelry or Melmaria's blog.

I hope you enjoyed today's collection of shops as much as I enjoyed finding them! Cooler weather is coming and it's time to prepare for the winter to come. Handmade crafts is a terrific way to support the handmade community and get yourself or someone you care about something snuggly to stay warm in.

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