Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Mosaic

Little people need love too! Today's mosaic is inspired by my mother's collection of beautiful dolls.

As a little girl, I loved to try and sneak in and play with her art dolls and collectors dolls. Not a good idea, of course, but I just loved them all so much and insisted that they needed that love just as much as the dolls I was allowed to play with however I wanted.

Shroompers - Miniature Dolls with Gigantic Personalities
Shroompers on Etsy
Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois from Victoria, British Columbia

I LOVE this shop and I can't describe these dolls any better than their creator: Creativity and imagination are critical for the wholesome development of young children. Shroompers are intentionally simple in design with neutral expressions in order to encourage children to project mood and emotion into the dolls themselves. They imply a world and a story but don’t complete it, letting the imagination fill in the rest.

Joelle's Dolls - OOAK Art Dolls & Handmade Cloth Dolls
joellemcandrew on Etsy
Joelle McAndrew from Syracuse, New York

One-of-a-kind handcrafted art dolls and handmade cloth dolls for children populate this shop. There are collectible dolls, princesses and ballerinas, bride dolls and grooms, pirate dolls, guy dolls as well as handmade baby dolls, mini pocket pal dolls, and cats and dogs all available for adoption and waiting for some love.

Art of Felting by Daria Lvovsky
darialvovsky on Etsy
Daria Lvovsky from Rehovot, Central, Israel

From needle felted Waldorf Christmas ornaments and needle felted tapestries to adorable animals, fairies and more... this shop is filled with love and wool. Daria Lvovsky makes art dolls and children's toys felted from wool which include animals, Waldorf-like people and gnomes, mystical creatures, owls, flying pigs, bunnies and more.

Zime - OOAK Dolls, Illustrations, Jewelry, ACEOs and Love
Zime on Etsy
Ximena Carreira from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although art dolls aren't the only thing that Zime has to offer, it's what first drew me into this wonderful shop filled with beautiful illustrations, jewelry, ACEO prints and, of course, colorful hand-painted art dolls filled with love and creativity from the fingertips of this freelance graphic designer and children illustrator.

The handmade marketplace and the talented artisans you'll find there are a terrific alternative to commercial products and with the added bonus of personalized care and an attention to detail and quality that commercial products lack.

When shopping for toys for your children or art dolls and other collectable items to add to your collection don't forget to browse through artisan works and see what you can find, you'll be surprised at just how much creativity, originality and quality is out there!

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zime said...

Wonderful finds!! Thank you for feature me!!

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