Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blossoming Beauties

I enjoy making jewelry. I absolutely love it. It's one of the creative treasures of my life. I love shopping for jewelry too. And wearing jewelry.

I admire the craft, style and creativity that goes into every piece from concept all the way through to how a person wears it and pairs it up with their attire to create a unique "look" all their own.

Because of this love, I've seen a LOT of jewelry over the years. I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite so unique and beautiful as the pieces I browsed through in the shop featured today, though.

Today's shop is JenJewelry on Etsy, and the pieces in this shop are so beautiful and so intricate that I just couldn't tear myself away until I'd clicked on every single listing and looked at every single picture.

I can't think of a single piece in Jenny's shop that I wouldn't want to own and be honored to wear, and I can't imagine anyone else not feeling the same way too! If you don't believe me (or even if you do) this is a shop that you really have to check out for yourself to truly appreciate anyway. SO head over there and take a look! You won't be disappointed and are sure to be tempted by what you find.



Bethany Dirksen said...

That necklace reminds me of those cool wall sculpture/art things that were made in the 60's, usually in a starburst shape. Really cool.

Erica said...

Very interesting piece! It is very pretty!

Babamoon said...

i came across jens shop last week through link referral... her stuff is incredible!

Sarah said...

That's so funny, I came on here to say that I'd found Jen's shop through a particular site, and lo and behold, Moonangelnay beat me to it! So instead I'll say what I'm pretty sure I said on the shop review I left her, this jewelry is gorgeous, and as the blog owner has already stated, it takes something really special to stand out amid all the quality craft jewelry that's out there, and this jewelry does, and that's a real achievement.

storybeader said...

it's a beautiful piece, so intricate and simple at the same time! What a find! {:-D

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