Friday, February 12, 2010

Innovative Recycling

Thank you, everyone, yesterday for taking a look at the off-the-topic-for-this-blog post I put up. Every once in a while, a break from the norm is a good thing, especially for something so important.

When I first came upon today's shop, I was struck at first by the shop's clean lines and crisp photos. So struck, that it took me a minute to realize what I was looking at.

I've seen quite a few of the "reuse, recycle" artists and work out there, and I'd never name any names, but there's a substantial portion of artisans in this venue that produce (what to me personally) looks like just... slapped together junk.

Tanith on Etsy is -not- one of those.

Tanith sells Guitar String, Steampunk and Found Object Jewelry What this means is that they specialize in jewelry handmade from guitar strings and other found objects. Yep... Found objects. You wouldn't know it, though, to look at the pieces in their shop.

Tanith Rohe is the artist of these terrific, innovative pieces, and is a featured artist at both The Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco, CA as well as the Sonoma Valley Music Center in Sonoma, CA.

Tanith loves to take an object that would appear as trash to another and to turn it into a work of art, and does an excellent job at doing just that! This shop is a stunning example of what you can do with a little innovation and creativity behind you to guide your way.



Aloquin said...

Oh, great! You just HAD to show us this shop... now I'm totally having to get something when I have money!

I can really appreciate this shop. When I was in college, I made sculptures from melted straws, and added all kinds of found machinery objects... but I never thought of jewelry! This stuff is amazing, it really is. I have hearted this shop, and will come back to peruse it often!

Having a giveaway on my blog! Please take a moment and enter :)

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Mary Richmond said...

great work--thanks for sharing with us

Babamoon said...

i do love taniths shop, i found it a while ago and the jewelry is amazing! something i never would have thought of myself and i play guitar lol!!! its amazing the ideas people come up with using random things. i love her guitar string stuff!

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